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Tyical cafés and taverns

La Maison du Pèkèt

La Maison du Pèkèt
© WBT - Denis Erroyaux

Now here’s a Liège speciality for you: Pèkèt. And where better to find out what it tastes like than in its own house, welcome to the Maison du Pèkèt.

  • All the possible different variations on Pèkèt.

  • Discover the traditional Liège conviviality.

  • Café - Restaurant - Night club.

The temple of Pèkèt.

The Maison du Pèkèt invites you to come and discover thisLiège speciality in all its different incarnations. Reds, greens, pinks, yellows, blues, violets or flambé; more than thirty different flavours are available behind the bar.

Uncover the soul of the ‘cité ardente’.

At the very heart of Liège’s historical district, the Maison du Pèkèt is a square of interconnected old dwellings that have been entirely renovated in the style of 18th Century buildings.
To thedelight of partygoers, a friendly atmosphere reigns between these walls, meeting place of regulars and tourists.

A multifaceted and eclectic spot.

The Maison du Pèkèt is next door to the typical Liège restaurant theAmon Nanesse and theImpasseclub. You can access it directly via the maze of rooms in the building, each with its own particular atmosphere.
There is a terrace too.
For a pèkèt, a metre of pèkèt or more, you won’t fail to be intoxicated by the thousand flavours of the Maison du Pèkèt.


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